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Find out how we are fighting for housing reform and social justice in Quebec.

We support

Regroupement des comités logement et associations de locataires du Québec


Non-partisan political analysis

The Carrefour d'actions populaire de St-Jérôme continues its collaboration with the RCLALQ to introduce rent-setting measures. We continue to raise awareness among elected officials at all levels of government of the distress and injustice experienced by people in poverty, both in terms of housing and social assistance.

Active participation in the RCLALQ action plan


Campaign collaboration “Rents are exploding, control is necessary”.


Support for the memorandum aimed at regulating tourist accommodation and protecting the rental housing stock.


Collaboration aimed at denouncing Bill 31 which would put an end to the lease assignment.


We are asking the Quebec government to modify the legislation to require all takeover, eviction and major work projects to obtain court authorization and to be subject to mandatory monitoring in the following year. We also ask that a moratorium be imposed on recovery projects and those leading to the eviction of tenant households when the vacancy rate of rental housing is below the market equilibrium threshold, and that the recourses of victim tenants harassment of their landlord to end the lease are considerably improved. 


The absence of measures to control rents when there is a change of tenants encourages landlords to carry out forced evictions. The RCLALQ continues to demand the establishment of real rent control in Quebec, including a rent register and a cap on annual increases. Effectively controlling rents would significantly reduce the number of fraudulent evictions.

Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU)
We support


We also add our voice to the Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU) regarding demands from the different levels of government.

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Provincial claims


There formal recognition of the right to housing by the government of Quebec.


The financing of 50,000 social housing units in five years, whether public, cooperative or non-profit; this can involve the construction of new social housing or the purchase, renovation and socialization of already existing rental housing.


Implementing better protections for tenants’ rights, such as:

  • the establishment of a register and compulsory rent control;
  • banning conversions into condos or tourist accommodation;
  • the adoption of a national health code;
  • the adoption of a regulation making the construction of universally accessible housing obligatory and the establishment of a one-stop shop for the rental of adapted or adaptable housing;
  • and the imposition of dissuasive penalties on delinquent owners in matters of sanitation, rent, eviction and discrimination.
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Federal claims

The federal government must to change direction as quickly as possible :


By investing 3 billion $ per year, to be indexed annually, to finance the development of new social housing (both in the form of public housing as well as non-profit organizations and housing cooperatives) and that the sums invested in housing development in the National Housing Strategy be reserved exclusively for social housing.


In significantly increasing the amounts granted to the provinces and territories for the renovation, improvement and modernization of social housing that he helped to achieve in the past;


By committing now to permanently continue its subsidies for low-income tenants residing in public, cooperative and non-profit housing for which he was responsible and that he provides sufficient budgets for the rehabilitation of this important housing stock.

We support

Front commun des personnes assistées sociales du Québec

We support the demands of the Front commun des personnes assistées sociales du Québec :

For a social safety net that provides housing, food and other basic needs.

For the right to love and mutual aid.

For the right to work according to one's abilities.

For a non-punitive and less restrictive system.

For a major reform of social assistance debts.

For the abolition of the obligation to reduce Retraite Québec benefits.

To put an end to the exclusion or cutting off of several young people in difficulty.

For the abolition of the measure limiting stays outside Quebec to 7 days.

To put an end to the threat of Objectif emploi penalties.